Hotel in Peru

An exciting Peru Luxury tour will visit all the important highlights of this amazing country. Go to the Amazon Rainforest, Cusco, Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley and Puno and Lake Titicaca, the exciting birthplace of the Inca Empire. Luxury travel means the highest quality service and comfort. It means you will have 24 hour customer service on call and ready to find answers to your questions.

An extension to this popular travel itinerary would be a luxury cruise from Puno to La Paz, traversing this famous high altitude South American lake. Enjoy all the luxuries of a fancy catamaran cruise ship, departing from Puno. One tour is designed to take you across the lake in an exciting full day of cruising. An early morning land transfer will take you to Copacabana Sanctuary where you will board the Catamaran Cruise Ship. You will sail directly for Sun Island, enjoying delicious snacks along the way. Sun Island is the mythical birthplace of the Inca Empire where the Inca creator god rose from the depths of the lakes bottom to create the sun, the moon, the stars, the land, etc.

Lake Titicaca is the beginning of the world in Inca myth. Also on Isla del Sol, you will be able to visit the Inca Garden and the Inti Wata Cultural Complex. There is also the Ekako Underground Museum, where you’ll find traditional medicine displays and the Titicaca reed shipbuilder’s displays. You’ll find the Pachamama agricultural Inca terraces, a handicraft center, and the Intica lounge and the Manco Capac lookout. This cruise will bring you into the harbor and you’ll be in your luxury La Paz hotel by nightfall relaxing after a beautiful day out on the lake. A second cruise option has you spending the night out on the lake. You will still visit Sun Island and be able to experience all the exciting things on off there. In the evening there will be a romantic candle-lit dinner and you will spend the night on board the Catamaran in a a comfortable luxury cabin with a beautiful view of the amazing scenery around you.

You will be in La Paz before mid-day on the following day. You’ll be floating on top of the world on this memorable Peru luxury vacation. This guide to a Lake Titicaca adventure in a Peru luxury tour was written by a travel expert at Peru Luxury Travel, specialists in high value, fully customizable tours and packages.

Hotel in Peru.

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